January 5, 2010

yesterday morning i had an early meeting and i came home right after and ran.  it was freezing!  i considered turning around and coming home 5 minutes in but managed to push myself to finish my 3 miles.  due to the meeting i had a few extra hours before having to return to work.  i was lucky enough to fit in a nap and woke up and had the most delicious sandwich of my life.  my friend at work was eating the best looking sandwich the other day so i naturally inquired about it.  it was a sweet potato sandwich!  he told me he likes it with sweet white onion and mayonnaise.  so that’s exactly what i had and i am addicted.

breakfast today was average.  Kashi Heart to Heart with blueberries and banana.  i took my lunch to work and forgot to photograph.  i made a sandwich with romaine hearts instead of bread.  inside was turkey and shredded carrot.  i also had two Ginger O’s by Newman’s Own.

dinner after work was dumb.  i dislike cooking chicken.  it never works.  jesse and i were making a recipe with chicken and after cooking i discovered weird pink spots in the meat so we just discarded it.  i saved the whole wheat pasta and vegetables we had prepared to eat with marinara for lunches this week.  after chicken disappointment we ordered pizza.  when we give up we really give up.  good but bad.  i did make a salad to go with pizza?  😉


January 3, 2010

visitor dog is still hanging around!  he’s been here for almost 3 weeks.  jesse and i might have a hard time giving him back.  this is a picture of he and mirta on new year’s day begging for cupcake.

i spent a great part of yesterday reading in bed.  apparently taking photos also.  jesse shaved his beard!

today i went to the grocery and yoga all by noon.  i was starving once home.  i had Kashi heart to heart cereal with blueberries and almond milk before my first “toad in the hole”.

the afternoon was spent running jesse around the city (his car is mid-repair).  we went hoodie shopping and came home and shared this turkey sandwich and baked Cheetos (bad but good!).

we made chili for the 4th sunday in a row!  this was a recipe from a magazine i pulled out over a year ago.  it was black bean chili made with dark ale.  topped with greek yogurt and cheddar.  we went a little heavy with the chipotles in adobo sauce and this was spicy!

dessert was the remaining plain yogurt with honeycrisp apple, almond butter, grape jelly, Kashi heart to heart, and chocolate granola.  yum!

i have a big week ahead of me.  i work the next 7 days and i am also starting a class at the university of louisville this week.  i haven’t taken a class in 12 years, i am a little apprehensive.  i get pretty nervous about a lot of things.  okay enough worrying.  i am going to finish my book, the innocent libertine by colette…

December 30, 2009

i am REALLY having a hard time blogging.  i am surprised at how it can be discouraging for no one to be reading.  i haven’t quite figured out what i hope to accomplish by blogging.

anyways.  breakfast after yoga this morning was Kashi Heart to Heart cereal with banana and almond milk.  i was still hungry 45 minutes later so i had toast with almond butter and preserves.  yoga was taxing today.  it wasn’t that i couldn’t execute the pose (mostly) but rather that it seemed to require much effort on my part?

i worked at 1 today.  i had coffee from panera upon arrival.  on a 15-minute break i snacked on half of a green apple with cinnamon.  lunch in early evening was leftover chili, half a piece of cheddar, and a few Kashi crackers.  i also finished my apple.

work remains busy and i was ready to leave at 9:50.  jesse retrieved me and we went to brendan’s for a Stella and sweet potato fries.  it was just what i needed.  i am now in bed after a piece of toast and a tiny cup (x2) of cereal.  tomorrow i work 10-7 and will probably not run or yoga.  i am looking forward to my favorite new year’s drink, a black velvet (Guinness and champagne!) and a 3-day weekend!

December 28, 2009

blogging is hard to get back into even after a short break.  i have been going to bed early, reading, going to yoga, and running.  i have to admit that i indulged in A LOT of holiday goodies last week.  i am looking forward to january and maybe a few less items around to entice me?  breakfast this morning was the breakfast that i have seemed to be eating almost the whole month of december.

during work i had popcorn and a bowl of chili.  it was a white chili with poblano peppers that jesse made last night but sadly it was just too unattractive to post.  i went home after work to change clothes for dinner with amelia.  i fit in a maker’s and coke zero while getting ready.  i needed it after my busy day!

i ordered the “cubean” burrito at ramsi’s.  it was delicious.  i ate half and brought the rest home.  i am happily home in bed now.  off to read the elegance of the hedgehog!

December 25, 2009

i am still alive.  i have had many brownies, cookies, and glasses of wine and beer over the past 2 or 3 days.  i have managed to stay active this week with a run or two and several yoga classes.  i hope you had a great holiday!

December 22, 2009

i get disappointed at the quality of my photos on my blog.  i have a point and shoot camera but i prefer the photos i get from my iphone.  i will be shopping for a new camera soon to make my photos more compelling.  breakfast yesterday was yogurt things.  i meant to have yoga at 8 am but ended up sleeping late and meeting my sister for a run at 10:30 instead.

i came home and showered.  i had lunch before heading to work at 2.  i had a grilled kidney bean and cheddar sandwich (my new favorite!)

dinner at work was leftover chili from sunday.  i had a bag of kettle corn as a side.  work is very busy right now and when i got home i relaxed with tortilla chips and Sabra chipotle hummus and a Heineken light.

i worked 11-8 today so no physical activities took place this morning.  i had yogurt (again!) when i woke up.  i am definitely ready for new breakfast options.  i need some oats or egg whites in my mornings.

work was wild once again today and i was so preoccupied i forgot to photograph foods the rest of the day.  i had a boring lunch.  a mixed green salad with tomato and carrot with some tortilla chips and hummus.  unfortunately exhaustion consumed me after leaving work which left me ready and willing to eat pizza.  i had 1 1/2 slices of pepperoni pizza and 1 1/2 breadsticks with 2 glasses of red wine.  it felt really good to indulge and unwind.  i am definitely going to bed early and going to kundalini yoga tomorrow morning at 8 before work.  i need it!

i had a moment of confusion and excitement when i got home from work today.  as mentioned 28 times in this post i was really worn out by work today.  i walked in the door and i was surprised by many new kitchen things on my counter!  jesse surprised me with things i needed to replace in my kitchen along with a few things i didn’t have!  i was thrilled!  surprises are so nice and i am very lucky.  i am going to read a few blogs and then read my book.  bedtime by 10:53!

December 20, 2009

dinner tonight was at ramsi’s with two of my favorite people.  victor and i had small conversations while jesse and garrett talked band.

we ordered a small focaccia and i had 1 slice and a glass of chardonnay.

jesse and i shared an entree.  it was the seitan parmesan panini with roasted potatoes.  this is an old favorite but tonight was maybe overcooked?

it was a pretty night to sit in the window, i think this is our first snow this season?  i am off to read in bed.  i am reading a book borrowed from a friend at work.  it is white noise by don delillo.  good night!